Nervous      Media

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3D Animation + Video


Below are studies for Ripples in the Nervepool, a video series written and created by Ebon Fisher for his media world, The Nervepool. Live action footage of water and jellyfish are layered over 3D animation produced with Autodesk Maya. Video sources include jellyfish from the Camden Aquarium and bubbles from the Rancocas River in New Jersey.


Above and right: This 3D animation and video depict a transition from an interior space to a larger architectural structure to an icon emerging from the structure. It is an exploration of architecture as meme.


Right and below: Zoom into a brain, burrow down into a mesh of neurons and transition into a dream. The Zoacode, Probe All 

Via Squirm, appears in the dream as a structure 

emerging from the Nervepool.


Below: Camera moves past jellyfish, rotates around the Nervepool and out into the central chamber.


Left: Ebon Fisher, middle, with Greg Dixon, Rick

Peters and Josh Da Silva shooting an underwater 

video at De Paul University pool, Chicago. Others 

working on the shoot included Suzanne Stumo,

Peggy Bang and Samantha Martin.

"Most Directors merely manage a crew, whereas Ebon inspires. When working on the Nervepool I came to Ebon with an idea, he encouraged, created an environment that allowed me to experiment, which motivated me to work harder, and perfect my ideaI feel Ebon's direction and guidance were critical for this success. Ebon is a great teacher and director and I would jump at the chance 
to work for him again."

Josh da Silva, Graduate Teaching Assistant,

   De Paul University College of Computing 

and Digital Media