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Nerve Circle in Brooklyn

Endless Tissue was an interactive installation for humans. A prototype for this "human suction/reflection system" was installed at Flytrap, 
a large, interdisciplinary 
event in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 1992. This was long before real estate developers transmogrified the neighborhood

and it was still possible to rent an abandoned warehouse for a month and bring a community together around an all-night event involving dancing and experimental art installations. Among the organizers for Flytrap were Anna Hurwitz and Myk Henry.



A photo-diagram of Endless Tissue a day after it was activated at Flytrap

Left: Melanie Hahn Roche's dance company immersing itself in Endless Tissue. Roche's company included Dan Green (standing left) and Melanie Hahn Roche, Keita Whitten and Stavit Allweis (sitting). 

Photo by Anna West.